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Digital Marketers today need to know it all. The challenge is to consistently stay ahead of the curve for which students need to learn much more than just the basics. They need a programme that sets a high standard of knowledge and a strong base for a budding marketing career.

With ACTU TECH DIGITAL MARKETING ACADEMY, we make sure that our experts prepare our learners for not just landing that dream job but also arm them with the latest skills and expertise to hold on to for a sharp and upward career graph.


The programme starts from the fundamentals of marketing, focussing on laying a strong foundation in Marketing and Digital, with covering essential concepts of marketing like segmentation, targeting & positioning, advertising & sales promotions, integrated marketing communications, product & brand management, digital models & channels.

After laying a strong foundation for an individual, the programme moves
onto covering digital marketing concepts, tools & techniques making sure that the learner is equipped to launch his career in digital marketing.